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Saturday, May 11th, 2019
Garcia Properties

Ashley, 34: Program Director, St. Louis Zoo

When your career is specific and a job opportunity presents itself, you practically have to take it - even if that means moving halfway across the country. The question is, how does one accomplish such a move? Well, thanks to the internet, searching for a new home so far from home isn't such a daunting task. Ashley's excitement didn't come without hesitation. Purchasing a home without seeing it in person wasn't a risk she was willing to take, so she opted for one of our awesome rentals instead. With features like online applications, paying your rent online, and an FAQ section that will make you giggle, her moving truck was packed by the time her place was secured. She and her two crazy cats are settling in nicely. She's getting out, meeting her new neighbors, trying all the different St. Louis style pizzas, and looking for a place she can get her dance on. Please don't be offended, but considering she's from the Pacific Northwest, Ashley will likely laugh in the face of St. Louis "snow." Midwest, meet Ashley, your new neighbor.

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